Our mission:
connect artists with their fans

Pianity revolutionizes the music industry by enforcing fairer revenues for artists and exclusive content for fans and collectors.


Pianity is a music NFT platform – built on environmentally-conscious Arweave technology — where musicians and their community gather to create, sell, buy and collect songs in limited editions. Pianity’s pioneering approach, which includes free listening for all, enables deeper connections between artists and their audience.

Because Pianity treats music as fine art, artists gain a new source of independent revenue while simultaneously enabling fans to grow and showcase their music collections.

Pianity is privately held and headquartered in Paris, France.

Our NFTs are:


Pianity’s built on Arweave, a blockchain that consumes 100 times less than Ethereum.


$0 minting cost, $0 gas fee, 80% of the transaction goes to the artists.


The music asset and the contract metadata are stored together on Arweave.

Our leadership team:

Photo Kevin
Kevin Primicerio

CEO & Co-founder

Kevin holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics Ecole Centrale Paris and Computer Science degree from School 42. Before Pianity he founded Hook, an accelerator & VC fund helping startups scale from prototype to fundraising.

Photo Simon de Kinkelin
Simon de Kinkelin

Head of Partnerships & Co-founder

Graduated in Law from Paris Sorbonne, Simon has worked as a sales in the technology industry and has been the artistic director of several electronic music events. A graduate of the conservatory, he has been producing and releasing electronic music since he was young.

Photo Lancelot
Lancelot Owczarczak

CTO & Co-founder

Computer Scientist, Software Engineer, Hacker... as far as programming was concerned, Lancelot was known by his peers to always have the solution. He graduated from school 42 amongst the top 1% of all students to then work as a dev in the financial industry and has always been interested in decentralization.


Sam Williams

CEO @ Arweave

Michael Majster

Lawyer, specialized in
Copyrights, Royalties & Music

Rand Hindi

CEO @ Zama.ai

Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet

Managing director
Kernel Holding Investments


Yin Cao

Digital Renaissance Foundation

Sebastien Borget

COO at TheSandBox

Cyril Paglino

Shift Capital

Ronny Shibley

CTO and co-founder at Gorillas

How we are building the future of music

April 2021
• Pianity was born during Arweave's Open Web Foundry. After the 6 weeks program, we launched the private beta of Pianity.

The Open Web Foundry helps early-stage founders build successful applications running on the Arweave network.

July 2021
🚀 Pianity launches
We did our first public sale with Shika Shika Label, through a series of 6 NFTs from birdsongs of endangered species to raise awareness and funds for their protection.
August 2021
We implemented the first Profit-Sharing NFTs, turning NFT music into a new source of passive income

Each week, collectors receive a fraction of the NFT sales of the previous week. It was the first step to build a Profit-Sharing Community.

Photo Kevin

“The music industry is broken and we are on a mission to fix it. Everyone helping us to bridge that gap should be rewarded at least as much as us. With this philosophy, we’re the only Profit-Sharing community in the music industry!”

Kevin, Co-founder and CEO of Pianity

September 2021
We launched our Profit Sharing Community token: the $PIA 🎉
While owning PIA tokens, holders get to vote on decisions with the rest of the community.
October 2021
As we’re building a community-driven music platform, the Leaderboards represent a keystone in our mission. The Leaderboards reward the most active users over the week. Over 26k $PIA are distributed each week.
November 2021

The community gets to decide on which artists and tracks will be minted and sold as NFTs on the marketplace.

December 2021
5000 NFTs were sold in a week.
That was over $1.000.000 redistributed to artists!
March 2022
$6.5 Million raised in Seed-Round Funding 🎉

At the end of the day, the only metric that matters is that to date, we redistributed $2 million to artists thanks to NFT sales.
March 2022
Secondary Market
Everyone can sell and buy NFT on the secondary market, while artists will keep earning 8% of the transaction each time the song is sold again.