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Pianity is where artists and fans gather to create, collect and trade unique digital artworks.

A Unique NFT
1 edition
A Legendary NFT
10 editions
An Epic NFT
100 editions
A Rare NFT
1000 editions

It's all about

Each track is minted as an NFT and comes as limited editions. Scarcity makes them extremely valuable.

Empower the artists


Be a part of your favorite musician's story and become a spearhead of this new era.


Grow and showcase your collection, be recognized as a pioneer in the industry.


Spot talented artists, invest, and get rewarded for your early support

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Pianity's NFT Cards

Enabling true ownership of digital assets

A common critique on digital art is that it can be copied. Therefore it can't carry too much value.

Pianity introduces a new possibility by enabling true ownership of digital assets. With us you are able to run your business independently, using technology to reach your fans.

Kick-start your next releases

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Stored on the blockchain forever

Turn your tracks into limited editions, stored on the blockchain forever.

Scarce and timeless

Your art used to be infinitely reproducible. It is now scarce and timeless.

Earn more revenue

Capture more value from your music. Earn recurring revenue every time your cards are traded.

Our environmental impact matters to us

Most NFTs marketplaces use Ethereum. We took a different path and opted for a technology that uses less energy. It is called Arweave. Arweave developed a technology called Proof of Access which consumes 100 times less energy than Proof of Work systems such as Ethereum.

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