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I started at 6 years old with percussion then around 14 I evolved into Hip-Hop. At 20, I discovered FL Studio and the mix on vinyl. Since 2022, I have been developing my techno label. At present the group is made up of about ten DJs/Producers.

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I started music with percussion at 6 years old. At 14 I started hip-hop, alone and in crews. At 20, I mix on vinyl turntables and I evolve in the world of the night during parties, festivals, concerts, meetings with travelers and a lot of punks. During this period I had the opportunity to perform several times on stage, in public (main square, bars for jam sessions, preparation of concerts, animation in local radio). Some time after switching to mixing, I advanced even further in the industry by learning to use DAWs, in particular FL Studio. It's still my main production program. In 2022, I opened my own Label with a friend at the time, who over time has become a true friend and a strong ally. Today we are 8 active members within the group. We try to bring together real enthusiasts, people motivated by the production and composition of contemporary electro and urban sounds/music. At the moment, I'm making progress using hardware instruments like the MPC to create my new titles.