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Sound engineer and executive producer from Brussels, Belgium.

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My name is AG From my youngest age music was my biggest passion. In 2015 I decided to officially start my music career as a rapper and understood what meant to be an artist. I founded my own studio “ROOM 34” in Brussels, Belgium and in parallel graduated as sound engineer from SAE institue Brussels in 2022. I also founded a record producer collective in my own town with multiple artists, musicians and composers. Since I’ve always had an interest into web3, I decided to begin the experience through music-NFT’s and create a unique collection. I often have this feeling where a song could bring back a specific moment, a place in your life. Those feelings are called « the Proust effect ». My 1st music NFT collection called « PROUST » is a tribute to Marcel Proust and those feelings which always empowers our memories through music. AG