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Ale Valenzuela, originally from Atacama but now based in Santiago, Chile, began exploring music at age 7, mastering wind instruments like the flute. Since 2019, he's dived into dark, minimalistic electronic music, infusing it with a techno vibe. His compositions seek to materialize a transcendent essence, blending melodic elements with hypnotic rhythms, leaving a distinct mark.

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Ale Valenzuela


Ale Valenzuela, a musician native to Atacama but based in Santiago, Chile, has nurtured his passion since the age of 7, exploring the nuances of music through wind instruments, especially the flute. With a solid background, he traversed various musical genres before finding his calling in minimalist electronica. Since 2019, he ventures into creating dark, immersive music, always oriented towards techno, forging his distinctive sound. In his compositions, he aims to channel something greater, a transcendental force materialized through music. His work is marked by a unique fusion of melodic elements and hypnotic rhythms, creating atmospheres conducive to reflection and introspection. With each production, Ale Valenzuela seeks to explore new sonic territories and expand the boundaries of his creativity, leaving a distinctive mark on the electronic music scene.