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| 23 years old french music producer | Deep & Chill House Music | Get The Sound | 50M+ on Spotify

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Alex Keeper


French music producer and songwriter Alex Keeper has been releasing 1 song per month since January of 2021. With a project passing 50,000,000 streams and a constantly growing audience, Alex has been making his songs evolve towards a relatable melancholic and nostalgic feeling. With calm guitars, soft vocals, and groovy drums playing on bass-driven tracks, Alex provides a well-defined mood, perfect to chill, relax, study, or dive into your feelings. Some of the best songs portraying his universe are Forever, Close to Me or his debut EP Remember These Days. With a strong passion for photography, and by closely working with Get The Sound, Alex is currently working on an EP that you will be able to discover later this year... Welcome to Keeper Town! 😊🌊