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Alex Noto


Born in 1990 in the south of Belgium, he showed an early interest in music. Lulled by jazz melodies and the funk and soul rhythms of vinyls played at home, it is only natural that he will be introduced to the electronic music mix from the age of 14 with an orientation UK Garage, house and deephouse mainly influenced by trips in his family in London (UK). His dj career began and what followed was a rhythmic adolescence in the biggest clubs in Belgium which allowed him to develop his musical ear and land several residences, L’Escape, La Rocca and Le Noxx. Four years later at the age of 18, another stage materialized in the form of a residency at the famous parties from Ibiza DC10, Circoloco at Café D’Anvers (BE). In 2010, he moved to London and being in contact with the British underground culture and more precisely with the famous raves in the warehouses of the UK capital pushed him to start his producing career. Two years after, he released an EP on Dj Wild's label, Catwash Records. Back in Belgium, fascinated by the analysis of the sound and always eager to deepen his knowledge, Alex began studying sound engineering at the prestigious SAE in Brussels. He devoted himself fully to production besides his day job for one major automobile brand. In search of new adventures as well as innovation in the sound, he moved to Montreal (CA) in 2017 where his hard work in the studio finally became fruitful; he released several rather house EPs on famous labels; New-York Nervous Records and David Duriez’s Brique Rouge amongst others or rather techno; on Uncage under its alias Norton. A year later, from its desire to offer a rich and varied catalog of its own productions ranging from house to techno, @GASOIL Records was born, a little nod to the automotive industry which has been very present throughout its journey. At the same time, he joined the Sequence team to promote underground electronic music and culture from Belgium nationally and internationally.