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Alexis de la O is a Cuban (based in Spain) producer of electronic music. He has been a member of two duos: Nacional Electronica (2004-) and I.A. (2008-). He has composed music for contemporary dance, theater, advertisements, films and short-form videos. Recently he has become interested in club music and has explored a number of genres.

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APPLIED STUDIES 2013 | Musical Theory and Appreciation Course. Amadeo Roldan Conservatory. Havana Cuba. 2004 | Up to the fifth year of the Bachelor's Degree in Scenic Design. Higher Institute of Art. Havana Cuba. 1997 | Plastic Arts Graduate. San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts. Havana Cuba. 1993 | Plastic Arts Graduate. Elementary School of Plastic Arts October 20. Havana Cuba. DISCS (INDEPENDENT PRODUCTION) Nacional Electrónica Llegamos al Futuro! [Demo] (2005) Plazas y Precipicios (2005) Mouse Music (2006) Audio (2007) 3rd Milenio (2008) Ambientes [Compilation] (2009) Ranas [Sound Installation 5.1] (2009) Nacional Electrónica [Compilations of works for film and dance] Mambo 3XXI (2009) Premiere (2010) Habanastation (Remixes of the songs composed for the film) (2011) Happy Ending (2012) Identidad ̄ ¹ (2013) NDA (2013) Transire (2015) Matria Ethnocentra (2015) National Electronics & TKU I Sing to the Sea (2015) Invisible Peoples (2018) I.A. Sácame del Atari (2009) A.I. vs A.I. (Remixes Get Me Out of the Atari) (2012) Alexis de la O Mario [2cd] (2009) Turbo (2010) Mono (2011) Alexis de la O [Compilations of works for dance] La Tribulación de Anaximandro (2014) Innermost (2015) Dccrama (2016) Puzzle (2016) Trailer (2017) Sistema (2019) Oaled Sixela It's Foggy (2011) Volumen 1 (2016) Unhappy Nation (2017) Offline (2018) Undertale (2018) Volume 2 (2019) Odax Increase Your... (Original Mix) [La Cura de la Semana] (2021) Waterfalls (Original Mix) [Freegrant] (2022) Stroms EP [La Cura de la Semana] (2022) Unhappy Nation EP [Polyptych] (2023) Exodus EP [Another Life] (2023) MUSIC VIDEOS Nacional Electrónica Llegamos al Futuro! /3:15 Directed by Eduardo Benchoam Aeróbicos #5 /3:09 Directed by Nacional Electrónica Hacia el Progreso /3:39 Directed by Nacional Electrónica Una Canción de Amor /2:46 Directed by Nacional Electrónica 100% /3:17 Directed by National Electronics Demonios en el Cd Players /2:39 Directed by Alexis de la O I.A. En la Radio /3:45 Directed by Iliam Suárez A=1 /3:51 Direction: Alexis dela O Life Itself is Pure Disco /4:10 Directed by Joel Jardines Alexis de la O Koniec /3:50 Directed by Iliam Suárez