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All Star Motivator is multi-genre musician, composer and producer, Rich James. He has been included in British television programmes like Hollyoaks and Skins. Crossing genre boundaries and keeping listener’s interest since 2010.

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All Star Motivator


Rich began working in indie-rock bands, writing and singing, in the 1990s. In 2010, he went on to write a produce an album of instrumentals, some of which were featured on UK television. His follow-up album, After The Dawn, saw more TV exposure. He changed his stage name to All Star Motivator in 2014, marking changing styles with each new release. Rich's music ranges from spoken word poems set to downtempo beats, to all-out synth-pop songs with catchy hooks and melodies. Rich also hosts a weekly electronic music radio show on French internet station, #RKC - Radio Kaos Caribou. The show airs every Saturday at 10am U.K. time and is repeated 3pm Sundays U.K. time.