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A diverse spectrum of rhythms linked by groove has secured Croatian musician Ana Antonova an indestructible status on the regional scene over the past 15 years. She fearlessly commands the underground clubs as well as the big stages in equal measure, which has been recognized by numerous publishers so far. Croatian "DJ Of The Year" 2023 - Elector Award

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Ana Antonova


Croatian "DJ Of The Year" 2023. - Elector Award One who flows easily in the underground scene as well as on bigger stages should be called adaptable, but for Ana Antonova that is an understatement; too shallow of a description. She enjoys exploring the depths of various genres, so you can never know what to expect, but surely you will flow onto a journey with her. She has an appetite for groove, through which she builds up her sets, whether they are in a stuffy club or an outdoor venue. Coming from the island Krk, Croatia and growing up in a music-cherishing family has undeniably influenced her eclectic but cohesive and wondrous taste. Now, she has evolved and established her career that does not part from who she really is. Being a part of the scene for 15 years has shaped her career in a way that her status is almost indestructible. Her spunky but humble spirit has gained regional appreciation, and her sense of innovation, braveness of trying something different has made her more than essential to Croatian up and coming underground territory. As of her empirical achievements, she has gained her first bigger recognition in 2015 by winning her debut at Illectricity Festival through a newcomer contest. After that, she embarks on a successful and exciting journey of recognition, from winning an “Ambasador” award for a “Lady of Croatian’s electronic music”, to gaining respect and being given an opportunity to lead and co-host series of events called Fitness! in Rijeka’s electronic music cores - Club Crkva. Being named in Mixmag Adria as one of most successful regional female selectors was just one of many examples of her being refreshing and skillful on the scene. Antonova’s DJing was and still is special and reliable, that’s why she had numerous gigs across the country and further, from Exit, Sea Star, Velvet Festival, Wake The Lake Festival, Thru the Bushes, Illectricity Festival and other well known regional festivals to various gigs in clubs, and regarding international gigs she had the chance to perform in Prague. Other than that, one of significant details of her DJing career is that she started another series of events that hold place at Club Tunel, Rijeka which howls for everyone and anyone that has a sweet tooth for music - "Caramel", through which she dedicates the night to various genres - e.g. nu soul, jazz house - that shaped her style from earlier days ‘til today. Her contemporary and ever growing style has led to her applying her passion to lots of collaborations, most of them being linked to Marina Karamarko with whom she organizes Solis Ocassum, an event that focuses on Sundays and their afternoon party potential. Antonova has had her hands full, from her first EP, “Habay” being signed with Conceptual records which got released on February 2019. to Antonova and Karamarko collaborating once again through production; editing Billie Eilish’s song “Bury a Friend” which once more proved that she can easily play on both terrains: underground and commercial, while being and staying an enjoyable part of Croatia’s club culture. Her first release for "big" label happened in 2020., - when she released for famous Berlin imprint Get Physical. She is also a label manager of Karamarko’s “THANQ Music”, and a professional associate of “Thru The Bushes” festival – “Ambasador” awarded “Best Event of the 2020.” To this day she released her music for Get Physical, Dubøka Records, Not Allowed, THANQ, Dobar House & Conceptual Records.