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Ashir is a music composer and singer.

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Ashir is a singer and composer. Ashir is a specialist in romantic and sad genres as a composer and singer. Ashir has a terrific hobby of music listening from the very outset of his age. As soon as he grow into younger he started to learn the music. He started to take classes from Different Music Composers. Ashir also did many music courses such as piano course from Lahore arts council. Music theory courses from Alison, Berklee music college and coursera. Ashir learned program recording and editing from Radio Pakistan. Ashir recorded his first song as an artist in 2014 to check his vocal only rather people like it or not. Happily he got a good response by the people about his vocal. Than his interest became in making compositions of songs. After few Months he made a composition of his own breathtaking song .Than he became to meet different directors and producers. After he met to Lyricist and Composer Saleem Shahid, and did work with him. Ashir also sung “Zindagi Dikha Raasta” for him. Then Ashir’s melodious work crossed the border. Ashir Composed and sung Hindi Song “Bechain Hu” and “Kaise bhula dun. Ashir also collaborate with international musicians and music programmers and did work and experiments on his new and old songs such as Ashir remake Bechain hu in acoustic version with Romanian music artist Amir abu zayed and guitarist from Argentina. Early life: Ashir belongs from the Family who is not in music and even don’t like to do music. Ashir is the only one from his family who is doing music. Ashir always dreaming to do something better and different in his life so, he decided to start music. Ashir Father is a banker and he just wanted to let him to do whatever Ashir wants and didn’t say him anything and support him always but Ashir’s father always pushed him to complete his studies. Ashir did Marketing from University of Galway, Ireland. Achievement: Radio Pakistan gave 6 years appreciation to Ashir as a music artist. Ashir got many releasing distribution contracts by different countries labels. ( Other achievements will update soon).