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AstroVoyager provide you with the best electro-lyrical music imbued with retrofuturism and presents the soundtrack of a spatial and humanist epic. A real a fusion of instruments, genres, cultures, visuals and sounds. Tune in now.

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Composer, performer and electronic music producer fascinated by space and fuelled by the electro explosion of the 80s... Here is your new space and musical mission with us : Our Earth is threatened… Aboard the AstroVoyager, my electro-symphonic UFO, I invited some acoustic musicians... Climb aboard to travel through space on a new musical space mission... In search of an exoplanet among the 24 allegedly "SuperHabitable" candidates which might be able to offer us refuge. In search of life ... if it exists elsewhere ... In search of a solution ... if it is still possible to save our Earth... It's a 360° project with music, cartoon, live shows (with light drone show), and VR Game... and you can also live the Mission SuperHabitable with exclusive NFT.