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Programmed to make sound waves. Version: 0.0.1 (Beta) made_in = {"Peru": "🇵🇪"}

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Auggie Velarde


Auggie Velarde is a Peruvian artist and musician with a passion for technology. Auggie grew up fascinated by computers and the sounds they could make. At a young age and with the power of the internet, he taught himself how to code and produce music. Blurring the lines between genres and what it means to be an artist, Auggie incorporates his cultural background, global influences, experimentation, and highly addictive melodies into his mysterious projects. Facing challenges as a young immigrant trying to pursue an unlikely career, Auggie was not discouraged. By design, he manages a family of aliases and online identities that he utilizes to share his story and express himself. This is a portrait of the digital age we live in, a world of virtual anonymity and a network of entities that can be controlled by one human. A musical representation of the Internet, Auggie’s bilingual lyrical content escapes reality through modern fantasies inspired by real life experiences. The invitation is open to anyone interested in participating in a sonic journey that blends sounds of artificial origin with true emotions. Synthetic by nature, the projects have an electronic origin – but fuse with an unlimited set of musical styles. Auggie creates songs that feel like passionate odes to the future - bridging the gaps between cyberspace and reality.