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About Bawrllindee : Multi-instrumentalist, composer and performer of Alternative/Independent Folk music and sometimes more electronic... Bawrllindee has several release on [briquerouge]/[obliqu3] labels, and is part of ArtsPlurivers collective. He's coming from Versailles, France. Bawrllindee is also a collector and Pianity enthusiast that you can meet on Discord !

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About Bawrllindee : Multi-instrumentist, composer and performer of Independent Pop Folk music, Bawrllindee is part of ArtsPlurivers collective, and coming for Versailles, France. Several Tracks have been released on Pianity, starting with Darphony, an aerial retro-synth track with an intense vocal progression & great climax ending. Mutually inspired with a short story written by Còtto, both were written in parallel as linked EP & book and released together (« Le monde à portée » & « L’apparence du destin »). Exciting creative process used by the collective Arts Plurivers ! If you like folk & synthwave, more track are under preparation for the waitlist ;) Bawrllindee is also one of the birds of "Peace and Bouirds", a pianity collector, an enthousiast voter & music lover... come to meet & discuss with the us and the community on Discord ;)