Artist verifiedBenjamin Balensi

Benjamin Balensi, before being a DJ, is above all a pianist. From a very young age, he was nourished by the rich artistic and cultural life of his city, Marseille. At the age of five, surrounded by a family of musicians, he already explored an eclectic repertoire and began to study the piano. Very quickly fascinated by music and the stage, he trained in theatrical practice and then accompanied dancers and musicians on various performances. He was admitted to the Marseille Conservatory in piano at the same time as his musicology studies, where he developed a strong artistic sensitivity, a real technique and developed his body attitude. Codes and aphorisms? Very little for him. The pianist thus starts to create his own pieces, with always the same goal, to make the world dance, whether it is on Electro, Disco or Reggaeton music. Also an experienced DJ in club, Benjamin Balensi quickly imposes himself by improvising on the piano on pieces of House. The success is immediate, thus inviting him to multiply his performances and to meet big names of the music industry like the mythical and Oscar-winning composer Michel Legrand, the virtuoso pianist with multiple awards Désiré N’ Kaoua, or the famous DJ and producer Bob Sinclar. So many emblematic figures who have helped shape the musical universe of Benjamin Balensi. At only 20 years old, he was spotted by the famous Dj Producer Antoine Clamaran who made him participate on his singles as a pianist and then signed him on the label Pool e Music for a series of 3 singles. He also collaborates with the group Moné, producer, among others, of the hit Money of David Guetta This passionate and free artist does not want to be locked in a style. Today, Benjamin comes back with 4 new sunny tracks signed on Tangozoulou Records to spread happiness and surprise the world!

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