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Blactina is a West Coast rappers singer and songwriter out of Los Angeles and an artist who make gangsta rap in the female league of the new era in music.

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Blactina is a new artist and emcee who emerging from the West Coast hip hop, cultured musically and inspiring .Grew up in a music environement and involve with the street life,She highly esteems making music that is a legitimate portrayal of her background as a storyteller. This rising artist is, known for her poetry skills, slam performance and a great multi lingual lyricist turn rapper .Her music recounts the narrative of what it resembles to be from her reality in the hard life in the ghetto with gang and crime the female thug version ,she stay consistent with herself, and battle for a daily existence better than the one she seen. You can hear the duality of her road and her reality that make her authentic. She make instruction in her pen game and made her one of the new female artist to got recognition worldwide.