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Brakanah 44 is an Alternative/Rock Artist known for his unique fresh music sounds

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Samuel Mwangi (born January 25, 2002), known by his stage name Brakanah 44, is a Hip-Hop Rapper and Recording Artist born in Kenya, who got attention through releases he posted on his SoundCloud account from the start of 2023, earning him attention at worldwide audience as thousands of his streams were from the United States and Moscow. Having started off as normal Hip-hop releases earned him a small cult of toxic fans who grow on daily approach although Brakanah hardly releases songs every time. The start of 2022 was a year of change in his career as he ventured into a new genre the (Pop-Rock). AS of now during the publication of this biography he is the most streamed rapper in East Africa and Central Africa on the Soundcloud app, and according to Discogs he has the most sold Albums and Ep from Kenya by a Kenyan Artist and according to reports by fans he is still independent and it is good to say he holds all rights to his masters. BEFORE FAME He Was a battle rapper and used to make music with his High school friends TRIVIA started making music at the age of 14