Artist verifiedChemical Noise

To talk about ''CN'' we have to start by approaching the theme of versatility. Dj, producer, singer and songwriter. Belém do Pará, its essence and roots come from there, a culture that exudes naturalness and ancestral strength. They are peculiar timbres, textures and regional shapes that take the culture of its people marked in the beats of its sound.

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Chemical Noise


Dj, producer, singer and songwriter. Versatility is one of the great talents of the Brazilian and Paraense artist. Its main objective is to disseminate the culture of its country and its state through the peculiar timbres and textures that add to the bold and irreverent composition. Contagious energy, electrifying and laid-back beats, this is how we managed to briefly analyze this great genius of electronic music. Record this name well because you will still hear a lot about him ________________________________