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If the love of music could be measured by ones constant persistence, then Chris Udoh is a true testament to this persistence.

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Chris Udoh


Chris Udoh is a DJ, producer, and musician with a storied pedigree. He started his professional journey in 1985, at the age of 16, in St. Louis MO where he played various clubs and had his music featured in several top fashion shows. In 1989 Chris moved to Atlanta GA and started a 3 year residency at Atlanta’s legendary Lorettas nightclub. A few years later Chris met Chris Clark a.k.a. Deep C in a record store and the two quickly became friends. Each of them, along with producer Chris Brann, went on to form the Wamdue Kids. The trio created some of the most memorable house music ever on labels like Acacia, Studio K7!, Sounds, Guidance, and Strictly Rhythm. Chris continues to write original music. Most recently he has concentrated on solo productions