Artist verifiedChristophe Bailleau

Multimedia artist . French/belgian musician since 1993. For different labels all around the world (Optical sound, Transonic, Stallplaat, Sacred phrases, Ruralfaune, 3 To The 3rd Music ...) Free mind curious of all (almost).

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Christophe Bailleau


Christophe Bailleau develops an acoustic musical composition with electronic soundscapes, guitar, percussion and voice (some pieces are post-folk ballads) mixed with concrete sounds. His works play on waiting, silence and tension, and also searches for a certain light. Since 2004, his compositions have been published on various European labels: Le cri de la harpe, Stilll, Carte postale, Eglantine, Annexia, Soundscaping, Optical Sound, Transonic… He also regularly produces videos, installations, radio creations and has just published two books of poetic fragments.