Artist verifiedCLB Diabolo

CLB Diabolo, a young french rapper from the 15th arrondissment of Paris. From Ivory Coast origins, he started playing music when he was 10 years old, and he hasn't given up since. His life is simple as other hood kid: someone who tries his best to get through his ups & downs with his music. The message that he wants to convey us through his art is that: "Whatever happens in Life, there will always be a way out when you really want to be successful. Time is not always on our side, but with relentlessness, we inevitably get trhough." His relationship to the Rap Music & Hip-Hop Culture is taken from his very young age. When he went for the 1st time in his big brother's studio: music became his 1st passion until now. He followed these steps, and all the "Big Homies" from his neighborhood until now. Quite eclectic, his inspirations are Alpha 5.20 and Christophe Maé.

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