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Hi there I have been composing as an amateur for over 10 years now, I am a fan of electronic music in general, and I try to produce various styles. Hope you'll find something you'll like!

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French DJ/composer, from the city of Nantes, home to many excellent artists. He started composing at the age of 14, with a passion for underground styles such as Trance, and Gabber. Throughout the years, he developped a taste for Techno music, Industrial, Ambient and Acid, as well as House. His compositions reflect this versatility, and contain anything electronic music has to offer, from synthwave to warehouse acid techno. As a DJ, he always wanted to innovate and include parts of live sets, in order to make mixes less linear. With a setup of 4 decks, one drum machine, a bass generator, and a fuzz pedal, he is able to swiflty create acid techno/house loops on the go, that blend with the rest of the playlist.