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Coral Club is a ambient and Fourth World music project by Alexander Sirenko.

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Coral Club


A Fourth World exploration in outer and inner space. Alexander Sirenko started his project in 2016, and his first works were full of noise and distortion. But in 2019 while practicing meditation techniques he found his new musical approach which will determine all his future work. His 2020 album "Nowhere Island" was released at Californian label Not Not Fun and entered into "The Best Experimental Music on Bandcamp: September 2020". "Tracked live in lengthy improvisational sessions, Nowhere Island's nine swirling songs span a spectrum of ecosystems and energies, from dense mystic rainforest to glittering psychedelic tide pools to dusk coastlines dotted with distant fires. In places the album evokes an explorer's audiobook, questing into alien terrain with multi-directional microphones, but elsewhere Sirenko scrambles any illusion, reveling in surges of tape hiss and synthetic noise, possessed by the joyous catharsis of burning maps to places that don't exist." Britt Brown Focusing on slow heavy rhythms and spiral melodies, Sirenko creates complex and saturated sound fields, dynamic but meditative.