Artist verifiedCristi Cons

Electronic music producer based in Bucharest, co-owner of Amphia records.

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Cristi Cons


Raised in a family of musicians, electronic music became of interest to Cristi Cons during his high school years, slowly shifting from playing the cello to synthesizers and drum machines. Since his early releases, Cristi focused on developing his approach to production and mixing, which led him to establish himself in the international music community as a constant figure. He is one of the founders of Amphia, a record label that aims to exhibit multiple facets of electronic music since 2011, having a sustainable catalog and reassuring for more. The 1⁄2 of SIT (Sideways Invisibility Theory) and 1/3 of Amorf band - a genre- binding project, together with Vlad Caia and Mischa Blanos, has successfully materialized several releases in these formulas on Amphia, Understand and Sushitech, becoming also renowned for their notable live and dj sets worldwide. His style is not defined by standard patterns and he does not take for granted the success that has arisen or his attainments, but is constantly focused on improving his knowledge. Being keen on the process, not only on the (final) purpose is what motivates Cristi.