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CUARTO MUNDO is an exotic and electronic music duo Thomas Lavernhe x Cosmo Gonik

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CUARTO MUNDO is an exotic and electronic music duo based in Paris, France. Thomas Lavernhe and Cosmo Gonik are DJs in nightclubs and they met through their passion for lost gems, mostly latin, african music. They started to remix old songs and recently signed with a label to release their first single “Sabi Lulu” on Sept.17 2021 Their music is inspired by traditional and primitive sounds of the world. The next single "La Cumbia Del Tarot" is a psychdelic tribute to "The Holy Mountain", Alejandro Jodorowky's cult film. The duo invited Adan Jodorowsky - the director's son and famed musician - to record vocals on the track. It's a mystical and dance-provoking journey, built around exotic instruments and live percussion. The long version (La Psycho Cumbia del Tarot) speeds up to an electronic trance crafted for the best night club floors.