Artist verifiedHenrik "Cuuuli" Dyreborg

My main interests are drums and sound production. Music-wise, I am into many genres, from the old and the new. I feel good when I am messing with drums, and sound recording/sound production, and it makes me jump out of bed every day. Everything I put out, which I have made solo, is of experiential value to me, and you are welcome to listen to and /or download what I have ruined. I had fun.

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Henrik "Cuuuli" Dyreborg


I have been drumming on almost everything since age 8. I have some talent for drumming. I was a chef apprentice, a butcher apprentice, and a baker apprentice. I know my way around a kitchen. I was in a studio as a technical assistant, to become a sound technician. I have some talent for recording/producing, and mixing music. And then I have been in several studios since then. (I was an assistant with SONY international Dk. And Werners Studios.). I have been working as a disc jockey in several nightclubs in Denmark. And I traveled around with my mobile discotheque for several years. I worked in a record store, named "Street Dance Records". FUNK YOU! is from there, from that time. We were not created, to do great things - we were created to handle everything, with great care and respect.