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Experimentations with some electronic, triphop, rock and other toxic waste... Rennes, Bretagne, France.

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Hi there diggers. This is Mathieu Dantec, aka Dantec3p (trippy), from Rennes (France). First let me tell you I am a rather eclectic electronic artist. Some of my work fits rock, hip-hop, or even world-music categories. That said, maybe you'll notice that most of my sounds have heavy beats and trippy melodies... I guess that's the easiest way to introduce my music! Live sound is my every day job, but I did not come to this on purpose. My first aim was to improve my creative skills. I wanted to understand how my machines worked so I would not get lost in my sonic experimentations. So I studied, a little, and that brought me to become a "sound guy" around Paris, for a time. I like using the point of view from "behind the scene" in my songs. I think show business is a good metaphore of the way the world goes... I have composed many "triphop inspired" tracks. I call them my "downtempo" projects. I'm releasing some here and I'd really like to connect with you if you enjoy. I used to play these tracks live, on stage with musicians, but for the moment I'm back to a solo line-up. I also like composing different styles of techno. at the moment I am working on a "techhouse to trippy techno" 120 bpm live setup. Can't wait to show you that...