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Purveyor of fine tunes in Dub | Reggae | Electronica | Ambient | Worldbeat Dâvíd’s Kreole Hi-Fi is built on a foundation of 25+ years of involvement in the music world. Rooted in electronic dub, Dâvíd’s Kreole Hi-Fi goes well beyond the limits of that box to explore a far-reaching fusion of styles and genres.

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Dâvíd’s Kreole Hi-Fi


Dâvíd’s musical foundation was laid in the hills of Jamaica, outside the city of Kingston. This was the era of classic roots reggae and the emerging dancehall sub-genre. It was also a time before local radio adopted the genre format, so the weekly Top 10 charts might (and did) include reggae hits like Gregory Isaac's "Night Nurse" side-by-side with American imports like "Islands in the Stream" by Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton. Nighttime lullabies were formed of Soundsystems' booming bass from one direction and the drumming of Pocomania religious rituals from the other direction. In this musical mélange, the only rule was that music was supposed to be good. Later, in the U.S., Dâvíd fell into making music somewhat by accident. As a favor to a music producer acquaintance, he penned some lyrics and laid some vocals for a demo track and that's how it started. He then began writing more songs and performing live, often in collaboration with other local artists. He has shared the stage with acts ranging from hip-hop groups to ska bands, All the while, he honed his songwriting chops in multiple genres and started down the road of electronic music production. More than 25 years down that road, Dâvíd’s Kreole Hi-Fi is the latest creative outlet for this underground artist. Loosely rooted in electronic dub, or dubtronica as some call it, Dâvíd’s Kreole Hi-Fi explores a far-reaching fusion of styles and genres that reflect the artist's broad-ranging musical history and influences.