Artist verifiedD_cider

Eswatini Rapper, Singer-Songwriter & Record Producer. Founder and President at Riska_D_Rollaz Records.

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The eswatini-born rising artist D_cider is a musical force to be reckoned with in the Hip Hop community. D_cider offers a distinct fusion of rhythm, lyrics, and storytelling with a major genre of hip hop and a subgenre called contemporary hip hop. His music is an enthralling combination of contemporary sounds and lyrics that probe the essence of human emotions and experiences. D_cider stands out from his contemporaries because of his ability to deftly combine memorable hooks with reflective verses. His songs address social issues and personal struggles in a real and unedited way, taking listeners on a trip through the highs and lows of life. The brilliance of D_cider extends beyond just the song itself. Audiences are enthralled by his contagious energy and commanding stage presence and are left wanting more. He effortlessly commands the stage during his performances, which serve as a tribute to his enthusiasm and dedication to his craft. D_cider's sincerity stands out in a genre where formulaic music predominates, giving him a unique and alluring voice in the Hip Hop industry. D_cider is ready to leave a lasting impression on the music industry thanks to his unique style and uncompromising dedication to his craft. Watch out for this Swazi superstar as he pushes the limits of hip-hop with his distinctive sound and compelling storytelling.