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D E E P S T A T E / (A Pied Piper project) / Deep State of the Groove by the Architects of the Good Groove bringing a unique Sound of the Underground / Limited Quantities of Absolute NFT Chooneage

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Deep State


Deep State collective – an undefinable, otherworldly, esoteric genre, a psychedelic dancefloor and groove heavy journey on the forefront of the deep disco frontier tending toward a consciously experimental direction immersed in a very hypnotic relentless groove considered a neo-classic music in every sense of production for its hybrid of techniques and genre blending. Using nasty riffs and chuggy beats capturing the essence of raw house based music taking it to a new level of toughness, hardly anything contemporary could even come close to the dirtiness and the absolute gut wrenching twists and turns that come with these mixes that just defy the rules and are an all out assault on the senses. Expect to hear some hard pumping fierce disco & sambastic breaks, awashed in Africana percussion and wiggly, jiggly, dirtyfunky sounds awashed in spooky electric trumpets, distant synth tones, deep and dubby hits with drones and echoes, all incredibly textured. Spanning old school house, disco, NU-Disco, post-disco & proto house, space and nu-jazz, soulful vocal house and straight up boogie funk in its purest forms. Grooving rhythms and solid slamming deep and fierce disco base, danceable baselines, in a soulful and heartfelt world of spacey funk jazz, electro, house music, rock rhythms, and R&B vocals.