Artist verifiedDivana Ensemble

The Divana Ensemble is a band of master musicians and poets. They are members of the Manghanyar cast from the region of Jaisalmer India. Living in small villages surrounded by royal fortresses, this community is based based upon oral transmission of the ancestral knowledge of folk and sacred art. Ghewar Khan, Gazi Khan Barna, Feiruz Khan and Lom Nath Sapera were all born to be artists, learning from their fathers from the age of 6 how to master their instruments. At the top of their game, they have shared their beautiful songs in the most prestigious world music venues such as : Sydney Opera, Paris Opera Garnier, Carthage festival, Fez Sacred Music Festival and so on… They have also performed with numerous such as Ravi Shankar, Yehudi Mehudin, or also being part of the famous cult- movie “Latcho Drom” from Tony Gatlif.