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Dizaro’s charming brand of deep house has earned him streaming numbers north of 40M. The result is a body of work that is emotional, engaging, and capable of building genuine connections with listeners across Europe and beyond.

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Dizaro is a versatile artist from the Paris suburbs. His strength is to compose in different styles of music. It can be chill house, future house or even tropical house. He started music in 2017 without any experience and knowledge. He was just passionate like most people. His first appearances were in "Vlog No Copyright Music", most of his musics was used by many great Youtubers like Ninja or Jake Paul. His greatest success is due to some of his music such as Safari, Minute or All U Need. He has currently accounts for more than 15 million streams on spotify and more than 5 million views on youtube channels. Now he's leaning towards numerous collaborations with other artists in order to develop his artistic side.