Artist verifiedDJ Five Venoms

Official DJ of Rolling Loud CEO of Sic World Music Miami, Florida

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DJ Five Venoms


People say that listening to their favorite hip hop track through car speakers is the most exhilarating feeling of bliss. Second to this however, are the curated sonic sounds that DJ Five Venoms unleashes annually to more than five million Rolling Loud goers. For more than six years, the Venom effect has impacted music culture at scale through the largest hip hop festival, globally. As the host of SiriusXM’s Hip Hop Nation “Rolling Loud Radio,” hip hop lovers take a deeper dive into Venoms’ slithery catalog of new Gen Z sounds to the natalogic plays of groundbreaking rap music. And while this DJ is the King of festivals, he’s also known as the dark knight of nightlife. Saving club goers from predictable playlist-sets on Ocean Drive, Venoms’ residency at LIV and Story delivers night after night lifestyle experiences to arguably the most popular nightlife venues in the world!DJ Five Venoms launched “$ic World Music” label in 2020 where he releases music alongside some of the hottest artists out. As an open format DJ, he still loves to rock the crowd and feeds off the innate energy of his craft.