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PASSION NEVER DIES. IT GROWS Born in 1982, Dj Slade, a self-taught musician, has always composed music. In 2006 he is accepted in the Music Conservatory of Cholet (France) to learn studio recording and mixing techniques. He plays in several bands, adding each time his personal touch and a Hip-Hop flavor, with his art of scratching and playing samples. In 2008, Dj Slade creates the OBO trip-hop band with a female singer and a Oboe Player. He further joins the Groove Jazz Hip-Hop band KAWA CIRCUS. in 2011, he travels in France and China with BABEL (electro french songs). He plays in various festivals like "Francofolies de la Rochelle", "Printemps de Bourges" and he signs with the Elektra France record label.  Since 2015 he is still part of EZPZ (electro Hip-Hop), with nearly 300 shows on stage in France, Belgium, Hungary (Booker : L'igloo / Label : Vlad Productions) Dj Slade develops also many projects as a music production trainer, mainly within schools and jails across France. As a DJ, he still perform many dj-sets on stage. In 2017 he has the opportunity to play " Turn Off The Light" in Jordan with the light-graffer Julien Breton and 2 dancers on stage. At the end of 2018, he creates the 1BEAT 1FEAT concept. Every month, a new MC is invited to rap or slam on an original beat in his studio where they record a short video clip. In 2020, after 12 first successful collaborations, Dj Slade launches the first 1BEAT 1FEAT LP (digital and vinyls). He is the co-founder of the new SOUND TEMPLE RECORDS label in 2020 with 3 partners to promote the Hip-Hop culture and world groovy music. Step by step Dj Slade became an experienced music producer and mix engineer. He is now starting to work with more artists to help and enhance their productions : Lo-fi producers, singers, beatmakers, world music composers. For instance he works on Clément Oury's first album (radio FIP selection), or with the french singer R.Wan (from Java). In 2021 Dj Slade joins the HOP theater company (Patrick Sueur and Paule Groleau) as a composer and live musician to create their new show "Il Est Temps à Nouveau ».