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✦ I am 23 french producer & I launched this project in early 2023. ✦ I see life as a puzzle, and each of my tracks as a piece to solve it. ✦ 2023 = 12 months ; 12 tracks ; 12 puzzle pieces. ✦ Introspective + melodious + groovy

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✦ With over 15 million streams on previous projects, Duclos is no stranger to the music world, having been in the business for over a decade. ✦ Having worked with P.Nègre's 6&7 label or Inside Records (Petit Biscuit's first label), he is now launching this ambitious project on which he has been working for years. ✦ He sees the meaning of life as a puzzle, and each piece of music that comes from within as one piece of that puzzle helping him understand more about himself. ✦ 12 months, 12 songs, 12 puzzle pieces.