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Ødyssey came to life late 2016. Initially carried by two French artists, Amaury, named “Le Jour” because he was the only one revealing his face ,and his mysterious friend “La Nuit” (Night), the project has since evolved. Today, Amaury, the leader of theproject, carries alone what he calls his “sound and visual concept”, with a lot of passion. A musical journey between electro, pop and chill music he wants you to use as a travel... Mixing movies and music to get his main inspiration, he creates a world where Spielberg can meet Kygo; Nolan can meet the Petit Biscuit; Robert Zemeckis can meet Justin Bieber. Now being in his thirties, and after a few years spent as a rap beatmaker and djs ghostproducer, this great fan of pop and electronic music is placing all his bets on Ødyssey. Back to 2017 : first track, first success ! It was impossible to miss 2017 summer main French hit: Ødyssey first single “Fly”, a true hymn to freedom, litteraly being everywhere! Thanks to their summery and tropical sounds, Ødyssey and his South African main singer Amara Abonta alarmed the charts (+ 50M streams). The dynamic music video with Anni Haase, instagram influencer and famous model, set up the project visual mood . Ødyssey then confirmed with the tracks “Mind” and “Fire”, faithful to the travel vibe present in each of its tracks. Ødyssey in 2021, a rebirth... After a three years maturing hiatus, Ødyssey had a rebirth in 2021. Working now as an independent artist, he's been back with his new single entitled “Alive” (which is not is not referring to Daft Punk, but what if ?). The Ødyssey project definitively has lost none of its splendor and the mood remains the same: not to be like the others! Back to his first crush, he featured Amara Abonta again, whom he describes as “his most beautiful artistic encounter ”