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Chicago, IL

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Ed Nine


Growing up on the Southwest side, Ed Nine was raised in Chicago where music, video games, and semi strict parents kept him away from negativity in the streets. Having spent plenty of time at his grandmother’s house, he was inspired by Chicago house, r&b & hip hop played on the radio and recorded by his aunt Carol and uncle Jerry. The soul of the music is what captivated him. He was also drawn by the hands on approach to curating songs together in a certain order on tape. Ed Nine learned to record on grandma’s tapes when no one was looking and took the heat for it. He then got technical and went from fixing reversed or damaged tape, waiting for the perfect time on the radio to record his favorite songs, to building a collection of music over the years and, learning how to dj throughout high school. After high school he was introduced to a few djs his cousin hired for a party, and discovered they played house. The love for house music connected them and they got him his first local gigs and plenty of house parties. From then on came the opportunity to play at bigger clubs such as zentra, smart bar, and the rest is history. Ed nine has had the pleasure and honor of playing at clubs on the same DJ line-up with Dj’s and artists he was inspired by. It is still no surprise that he still looks to curate the perfect mixtape. Ed Nine’s mixes include his own tracks and songs, which are heavily influenced by the soul of the music he fell in love with. With multiple releases on house labels such as NDATL, Inner Balance, King Street, GLA, his own imprints “Groove Access” and the “Midway Hustle Records” collective/partnership, his music is featured in charts and mixes from Dj’s around the world. He has also been in multiple top ten genre & overall charts on digital and vinyl platforms such as Traxsource, beatport, Juno records, and can be found in record shops all over the world and every digital music platform.