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"The first song on these dandies is called "Do You Like MySong?" and we've already sent a fax, with a "yes" in capitals. A big "yes", rather, so much this rock is played out in an Anglophilia which, from the Kinks to the Libertines, tells much better than The Sun about the little lives of London, the streets of the one-eyed, the eccentricities high in rule and the dandies of cobblestones. But beside this educated pop these brothers know also how to succumb to the fever of a disco base, for moments when you would swear to hear the voice of the young Bowie cooing on a dance-flora where the girls are unleashed, mini-skirts lifted. "To Late", lies another song: it's only just begun..." LES INROCKUPTIBLES _________________________________ Electro Pop Duo, ELEPHANZ is a French group formed in Nantes by Maxime and Jonathan Verleysen, two brothers raised in the 60s, loving the Pop format and the Hits that made the History of Music. In Ten years existence, ELEPHANZ has released two EPs, two Albums (one was nominated for the French Grammys as "Best Electro Album") and several Singles ( that became Golden Singles ever since). The songs are little musical nuggets with powerful melodic lines. The voices of the two brothers agree, respond to each other and collide in a concert of racy and controlled synthetic pop.