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Hopeless Romantic, musician, fashion addict & recording artist. 🍄 Wannabe Fairy 🍄

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Emmrose is an eighteen-year-old songwriter whose career began four years ago when she wrote her first pop song in math class. To date, she has released 15 singles, an award-winning EP Hopeless Romantics, and is currently working on her second EP while going to college in New York City. In September of 2021, she performed in the amphitheater at Little Island in Broadway director Tina Landau's evening show called "After Hours with Tina Landau", a show highlighting 6 up and coming young female songwriters hand picked by Landau. In May of 2020 her single “The Grass Was Greener” was placed on two Spotify Editorial playlists, a surprising event due to the fact that the entire recording and production had been done remotely during the COVID lockdown in NYC, with Emmrose in her Manhattan bedroom and her producer Mike Abiuso working in his Brooklyn apartment. Emmrose is signed to Secret Road Music services for sync licensing, and the single “Waitlisted” aired on MTV’s Teen Mom in November of 2021. In February of 2022 Emmrose was chosen as one of the "Obsessions" Artists for Groover Music, and she will be performing in the New Colossus Festival on March 10th at The Bowery Electric, NYC.