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Fabrice Lig is considered by his peers & techno fans around the globe as a world class producer. He is well known for his particularly funky use of Roland’s sh101 analog synth, and for his particularly emotional and personal melodies and harmonies. Fabrice Worked with Laurent Garnier, Wolfgang Fluer (Kraftwerk), Carl Craig, Kevin Saunderson, Ken Ishii, Daniel Bell, Morgan Geist, etc...

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Fabrice Lig has melody running through his veins. He discovered electronic music as a teenager in Ghent and has never looked back ever since. His tracks, rooted in the forward-thinking electronic music from Detroit, have their own way of making you move, through the funky synth lines or the flowing grooves. From his current home in Charleroi (Belgium), Fabrice continues to make futuristic, emotional and soulful dance music. He has been a driving force in underground house and techno since the early ’90s, when Elypsia Records helped launch his discographic career through his Bug Orchestra alias, releasing on the scene’s finest labels and playing DJ sets at many of the most prestigious clubs. Fabrice has become known for his unique creative use of Roland’s SH101 analog synth. With 30 years of teaching himself and perfecting himself production processes and harmonies, his gift for a hook and special dancefloor moment is unmatched. His love for Detroit music runs deep, and it’s reciprocated by those who know. Mike Banks, founding member of Underground Resistance picked him up in 1998 for a remix of E-Dancer’s “Banjo” on KMS Records, and the rest is history. A look through the imprints Fabrice has released on since 1992 is like reading a history of the finest melodic techno: MS (Kevin Saunderson), Planet-E (Carl Craig), Submerge, Third Ear, 7th City Records (Dan Bell), F-Communications (Laurent Garnier) , Versatile, Classic, Compost, Subject Detroit, Motech, Elypsia, Raygun, Playhouse Records, Kanzleramt (Heiko Laux), Clone, Trapez Ltd and so on. The list of his collaborators is equally impressive: KiNK, Titonton Duvante and Ken Ishii to name a few. Though Fabrice has taken sporadic breaks during his long and pioneering journey, today he is making some of his most essential music ever. Albums like My 4 Stars, Genesis Of A Deep Sound and Galactic Soul Odyssey show how good he is at creating a story with his music, talent which has led to plaudits from Wolgang Flur of Kraftwerk, who Lig remixed in 2019, and Jean-Michel Jarre, who wrote that Fabrice “is following his own line, without caring about trends, and that's the path an artist should follow. It is not post Detroit, it's an emotion.” Whether through his acclaimed discography, or through his boundary-pushing DJ, hybrid and live sets, Fabrice is translating a whole career of ingenious musical innovation into vital, singular sounds for the dancefloor and shows no sign of slowing down.