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"F3_BOOTLEG " my new project out :

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FEMUR grew up in Maintenon, a very small town in France, near Paris. He grew up there and starting to rap, listening to Eminem, then Kanye West, and some french rappers like Vald and PNL. These large quiet spaces crossed by train were conducive to melancholy and developed his taste for invented digital universes. Now based in Paris where he works as a graphic designer for a furniture store, he has everything of a quiet office employee : bearded, friendly, polite. Many young workers will connect with his songs' themes : fading illusions, loneliness, boredom, missed opportunities. Supported by his beatmaker's friends from the duo Versaye, Fémur wants to share refined rap pieces with sharp flows, choruses and instrumentals inspired by multiples music's genres. After 2 EP and several concerts in France, he released his first album "F3" on April 20, 2022, and a extention of two songs "F3_BOOTLEG" on December 25, 2022.