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Chicago born and raised Producer/DJ Frankie Vega has music releases on labels: UKR, Fresh Meat Records, Apollo Music Group, Afro Acid, Toxic Records, Grid Based Beats, Chicago Jaxxx, Communique, Blueline Music, Kompute and more.

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Frankie Vega


Since Chicago’s rave heyday of the 90’s, Frankie Vega has been discovering and creating music, promoting events and playing to sweaty crowds tearing up dancefloors internationally. Over the years he has invested efforts in all aspects of DJing while working at a record store, a label / distribution company, and releasing artists through his own label. Always eager to get the crowd moving, Frankie thrives on playing a multitude of genres like Techno, House, Acid, Industrial and New Wave. His goal: to score big as a crowd favorite, delivering multi-style DJ sets that energizes bodies and minds alike. Frankie has also collaborated with local producers on projects appearing as Junction One (with Tim Vitek) as well as Frankie & Mazi (with Mazi Namvar). Occasionally you will find Frankie driving beats from a DJ booth virtually or at times live in person, while his primary focus is releasing his own music productions found in record shops, and on all platforms for streaming and downloading music.