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French beatmaker/composer 📀7x Gold certified, 3x💿 Platinum certified and 1x 💿💿 Double Platinum Worked with artists like SCH, Maes, Da Uzi, Koba La D, Wejdene, Soso Maness, and brands like Riot France (League of Legends), LEVI'S among many others... +30M Streams More than 30 tracks produced and released in the last 2 years

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Geo On The Track


Geo On The Track is a french beatmaker/composer from Strasbourg. 6x Gold certified, 3x Platinum certified and 1x Double Platinum. Credited as a composer for famous artists like SCH, Maes, Koba La D, Da Uzi, Wejdene, Guizmo, Soso Maness among many others... He have also worked with brands like Riot (League of Legends) or Levi's for sync projects and his music was used in US TV shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians or Bad Girls Club. All the new tracks used by artists will be shared on his Instagram page !