Artist verifiedGerwin Van Engelenburg

Veenendaal, Utrecht (Netherlands) based techno producer. Released on percep-tion, fluid electronics. trippy drops, metrohm and brigue rouge. In a short time the dutchman created his own sound which can be best described as a progressive house/techno sound edging with deep techno.

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Gerwin Van Engelenburg


Veenendaal, Utrecht (Netherlands) based techno producer. Started out as DJ ERROR in the late '98's and played in all kind of clubs and parties across the Netherlands even winning the first dj contest (Planet Rose) of the legendary club Doornroosje. In 2018 he got introduced by a be-friended colleague to the wonderful world of hardware and decided to start again with electronic music production (after some attempts in the early 2000’s). It didn’t take long to produce and release his first EP as GVE which immediately got played by the legendary Dimitri on Awakenings Festival. The first couple of releases where basically straight live-recordings from the machines. Things were stepping up when his track “orbiting” created an opportunity to work with industry-veteran Alexander Koning (percep-tion, kingstreet, bellboy). This collaboration resulted in his debut EP (Orbiting) as Gerwin van Engelenburg which got picked up by the likes of Ian O’ Donovan and others. This eventually lead to his release “Quadrupel” EP on the main label Percep-tion with an excellent remix from Alexander Koning which got played by John Digweed in his bunker show. His sound can best described as a progressive house sound edging with deep techno. Influences The Streets of rage soundtrack for the sega genesis were some of his first early memories when it comes to electronic music. As for artist/djs his main influences are Surgeon, Laurent Garnier and Dimitri which you can hear in his productions a mix of raw sounds but always with a melodic touch.