Artist verifiedGimme Lovés

Driven by melancholia and sentimental let-downs into strange beings, Gimme Lovés is an unidentified electronic music duo, which aims to gather around them a community of special people, made of lonely dreamers & pioneers. They are triggered by the burning desire to inspire humanity to reconnect with its original quest.

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Purchasing this NFT is a gateway to a very exclusive community. Contribute to our strategy by developing our own currency and financial ecosystem. Acquire goods and services from our universe This NFT will allow you to acquire goods and services from our universe (vinyl, merchandising, concerts and more). Be our guest at our next appearance Every owner of the Pi (Genesis NFT) will be hosted at one of the subsequent appearances to come and will be able to spend a moment with us. Exploration and domination of Outer Space We plan to allocate 10% of the sales revenue of each NFT collection to an association, not limited to a Foundation, Organisation, which intends to support the effort of exploration and conquest of outer space. We aim to encourage humans to explore the Universe not only with our creations but also to contribute materialistically to accurate projects in this particular field. Integrate the 314 and become an orbiter The 314, the core of our community, is a limited circle that will be composed of 314 members, called « orbiters ». We would like to reward the early holders who trusted and supported us by making them part of our 314 Circle. Not only will the «orbiters » be our Ambassadors to the externals, each « orbiter » will inherently be appointed as our Advisor. As the essence of Gimme Lovés is to retain identity anonymous to the outside world, the 314 will be the only passage to reach us. The « orbiters » own the voice to propose artistic decisions regarding all projects and activities of Gimme Lovés. In addition, the « orbiters » will invariably have access to our backstage. How to become Orbiter : 1) As an Early Holder: Be among the first 50 to purchase and hold at least one Pi 2) As a Big Holder: Purchase and hold at least five Pi 3) Join us at Pianity Discord Become a copyright shareholder Every Orbiter will have the possibility to acquire a share of the copyright of an Ultimate Version of our track Recognize. This Ultimate Version will be the only track present on the music platform (Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) and will most likely generate royalties. To build this a success, every « orbiter » will have to send us (within three months and 14 days since the date of minting the N on 04.05.2022 ) a brief vocal note (<1 second) of their production that we will integrate into the Ultimate Version of Recognize. The Giant Physical Pi The NFT number #314 will be auctioned and sold with an original, giant and unique copy of the Pi physical bill. The physical bill will be delivered in its dedicated frame.