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Deep House / NU-Disco / NU-Jazz / Future Jazz / Jazztronica / Chillout / FUNKY FUSION FUTURE DEEP GROOVE NU-JAZZ CHILLERS Explore the undefinable, otherworldly, esoteric genre known as fusion disco: a psychedelic and groove heavy journey on the forefront of the nu-jazz frontier tending toward a consciously experimental direction, a slinky, retro confection of irresistible grooving of a certain vintage. A well crafted ultra GROOVY slick project taking us back to a time when attention was paid to music, instrumentation, melody, rhythm, groove and SOUL!

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Giraffe Records


Giraffe Records is a production powerhouse outlet for Pied Piper (producer, DJ, studio engineer, re-mixer, drummer, percussionist, collector, arranger, composer and multi-instrumentalist) specialising in issuing a club grade maxi Singles, EP's, compilations and samplers from numerous DJPP production projects. The repertoire primarily focuses on extended play limited edition collector items in the genres of House, Deep House, Deep Disco, NU-Jazz & NU-Disco. Giraffe is The House of House (since 1983)