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It all started with a faulty computer and an error which were stopping Guilherme Tomé Ribeiro from producing music without random interruptions. The persistence led him to create the music that makes up his first EP. GPU Panic explores electronic textures in a nostalgic and enigmatic environment where sometimes the voice at the back leads the music and merges with the synthesizers, bass lines and beats. He attended the 2016 October edition of the RBMA in Montreal, where he debuted the first single, “Tanger”, and where he also acted for the first time as GPU Panic, among artists such as Suzanne Cianni and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith . In 2017 he released his 2nd EP "Sand Haze" with the support from RBMA and remix for Moullinex track "Painting By Numbers". 2018 it was the time to establish his live performance, playing shows around Portugal with the concert in Neopop Festival at Red Bull Music stage being highlighted by Mixmag "Here GPU Panic stands out as one of the most exciting acts of the festival.Playing live with piano, vocals and no lightshow for distraction, the Lisbon-based producer and composer (not a dj, he insists) executes an utterly bewitching live act.", and from Deep House Amsterdam "opening act, Portugal’s GPU Panic, deserves a very special mention here as well. Shifting between a grand piano and machine fed synths, GPU Panic provided an unexpectedly passionate performance that truly felt as though artist and machine were one".