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Producer, synthesist & founder of UIVO Records. Immersive/out of the box sounds from Brazil.

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Composer, multi-instrumentalist, RBMA alumni and UIVO founder Rodrigo Coelho aka grassmass is becoming one of Brazil's most requested cross-genre producers, with works spanning from collaborations with Arto Lindsay and legendary drummer Ivan Conti "Mamão" to releases with contemporary aces Negro Leo and Thiago Nassif. SIX SINES, his first album under the alias CØELHO, that propelled his ambient works to a bigger audience, due to its peculiar soundscapes and concept. Born from studies using resonant filters as instruments, Six Sines draws inspiration on the complex unpredictability that arises from the entanglement of simple structures - in natural or artificial systems - and ends up posing questions on how today's technocracy impacts our relationships with people, ourselves and arts in general. The album rendered highlights on bandcamp "news & notable" and a full story at fact uk covering the AV performance of the album, with cymatics by artists fernando velázquez and leticia rms (links below). Six Sines AV is part of the two-part performance coelho is presenting in 2022, alongside a free form, no pre-recordings modular act. He's also producing the next album, a sound study of color frequencies, and a new LP for Rush Hour with drummer Ivan Conti.