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At the crossroads between the codes of Irish Celtic music and the modernity of electro rhythms, you have the Green Lads. In their green suits, from village squares to large French stages and venues, they use their instruments to produce an energetic painting with irresistibly dancing sounds. Green Lads is also a story of encounters, a project that is enriched by the talent of each passionate musician: 2 violinists, 1 flutist, 1 guitarist and 1 tap dancer! After only 3 years, they are becoming one of the leading french celtic bands and they do not plan on staying put...

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Green Lads


The Irish electro french band is releasing a second album, following the one released in December 2020. This winter has seen the notoriety of the Green Lads swell, and an audience that has grown far beyond French borders was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the album Celtitude (scheduled for February 12, 2021). Celtitude combines the freshness of Celtic melodies with the explosiveness of characterful electro. The composition remains far from the codes and structures of traditional Irish music, and simply shares Celtic culture around the world. Supported by two violins, a whole set of traditional flutes, a guitar and explosive tap dancing, the dynamism of the electro compositions is matched only by the mastery of the artists who seduce audiences in France and elsewhere. Their freshness gathered many fans on their social networks this year, you will find many news to share, including several music videos !