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House, with different hints.

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About 20 years ago, Groefer discovered music through his father’s classic rock and blues collection, which inspired him to play the guitar. Quickly after that, he discovered electronic music through his older brother, for which his love and dedication has been constant ever since. Digging into all of electronic music types and genres served the purpose of setting Groefer’s musical journey as he started producing and making his own edits of his favorite records. That practice paved the way for his incredible ability to compose and produce any genre with no limitations. Falling for the complexity of music composition and production, he worked as a co-producer, composer and even ghost producer with many major artists in different genres before embarking on his own adventure. Groefer signed his first EP in 2011, got his first record label deal in 2013 as a composer, in 2014, he officially remixed the Grammy award nominee producer Tony Moran, and in 2017, he got his second record label deal with Society Music Recordings. After that first EP, Groefer started playing and mixing music. He found extreme joy in DJing and started to build his own sound touch. Mixing different genres and providing different vibes was euphoric to him, he became a fantastic collector and a great disc jockey. His sets are a reflection of his talent and current state of mind as well as his ability to improvise once he’s in the booth to control the energy. Describing his sound with his mantra “Deep, with a hint of Tribal”, he usually plays long sets which gives him the opportunity to really showcase his musical mind and take the crowd on a trip to discover the best deep house and house records. He has dedicated over 10 years of his life to electronic music and as a result, he’s playing more and more established venues and festivals, and has releases all over the globe being played by big names of the scene.